Thursday, 18 December 2014

Shu Uemura Spring 2015 Metallic Bouquet

Shu Uemura will launch this Metallic Bouquet collection for Spring/Summer 2015. Inspired by Japan's New Year and summer fireworks (known as 'hanabi'), the collection features four metallic eyeshadow trios, five Rouge Unlimited lipsticks, Swarovski-encrusted false eyelashes and a new line of Metal:Ink liquid eyeliners in 10 shades.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Anna Sui Spring 2015

Here's the ad visual featuring model Ine Neefs for Anna Sui's Spring 2015 collection, due out on 4 January in Japan.

Majolica Majorca Spring 2015

Majolica Majorca will release its Spring 2015 collection on 21 January in Japan. It includes:

1. Lash King Film: A film-type mascara that can be easily removed with warm water.

2. Lash Bone Film: Mascara primer with black fibers that can be removed with warm water.

3. Majolook (Illuminator): Two limited edition palettes.

Three Lip Jam

Here's another pic from Spur of Three Lip Jam (11 shades, 3000yen) coming on 7 January in Japan. These contain cherry extract, argan oil, jojoba oil, camellia oil, evening primrose oil, rosehip oil, shea butter, beeswax See more pics and swatches on Beautist, close-up pics of the rest of the spring collection on Kuri's Beauty Report and the list of Lip Jam shade names on the Three website.

Chanel Le Blanc Collection 2015 and new Rouge Coco

Chanel will release its new whitening skincare and makeup collection on 20 February in Japan. It looks like there will be a few new primers, along with a five-toned lip palette, Les Quatre Ombres #248 eyeshadow quad, two blushes (one cream and one powder), a silver Illusion D'Ombre eyeshadow, two lipglosses and at least one lipstick. Pic below by Nao, who will be posting more details on her blog.

Pic below from Baila

Chanel will launch its revamped Rouge Coco lipstick range on 20 March, featuring 24 shades in a creamy and more deeply hydrating formula. Pic below by Tomoichi.

Pic below from Spur. See another pic by Abe Sawako here and on Maquia.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Shu Uemura Spring 2015

Here are the official visuals of the Shu Uemura Laque Supreme (3200yen) and Shu Palette (12000yen) that will be released on 1 February. There will also be five new Pressed Eyeshadow shades (1800yen).

BG01, BG02, BG03, CR01

OR01, PK01, PK02, PK03

PK04, RD01, RD02, RD03 (RD01 is a special collaboration with Yamada Heiando, which makes the lacquer ware used in the Japanese Imperial Palace.)

The Shu Palette features six different finishes, including matte, glitter and silky.

Pressed Eyeshadow in ME 150, P 820, P983, P241,ME 340

SK-II Auractivator CC Cream

Up next from SK-II is this Auractivator CC Cream, launching on 5 March in Japan. It performs 5 functions of moisturising, concealing, brightening, protecting and nourishing. Formulated with two types of micro pearl to enhance the skin's glow and a "Day Soft Aura White' complex composed of pitera, niacinamide and plum extract, it boasts SK-II's highest ever level of sun protection level at SPF50 PA++++.

Coffret D'Or Brand Renewal

Coffret D'Or, Kanebo's so-called 'total makeup brand' targeted at ladies in their 30s, will undergo a rebranding in March 2015 with the new brand theme being 'Make Your True Beauty'. On 1 March, Coffret D'Or will release 6 limited edition shades of Premium Stay Rouge, Premium Silky Pact UV powder foundation with SPF27 PA++ (7 shades), a primer (2 types) and a limited edition foundation case. Unfortunately, the product packaging still looks rather uninspired.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Shu Uemura Spring 2015

For Spring 2015, Shu Uemura will be releasing what looks like its most comprehensive eyeshadow palette ever. Boasting a whopping 16 shades and a double-ended brush, this will retail for 12,000yen starting 1 February in Japan. The shade combination looks inspired by (what else) Urban Decay's Naked series but will no doubt be popular. Pic below from Spur.

There will also be a new Laque Supreme,a liquid rouge in 15 shades inspired by the glossy high shine finish of Japanese lacquer ware. The brand's flagship store in Omotesando, Tokyo, will also undergo a major renewal in February as the first part of the 50th anniversary celebration of Shu Uemura's establishment of his private makeup atelier. See more pics here and here.

Pic below from

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Kate Spring 2015

Kate will launch its Spring 2015 makeup collection on 1 February in Japan. Flush from the success of its Brown Shade Eyes series which sold 1 million units in just 4 months, Kate is introducing a new line of Monochrome Shine palettes in five variations (1600yen), designed specifically to complement black eyes (as well as to ride on the trend of iris-enhancing circle lens).

Now, which panda is cuter?

Kate also seems to be taking a cue from the Korean-style brow trend in promoting this thicker arch-less brow style (shown on the mannequin on the right in pic below), which can be created with its Lasting Design Brow W (2 shades).

There will also be a new Snow Skin CC Base SPF35 PA++ (1200yen) and Color Wrapping Rouge (10 shades, 1400yen). The Snow Skin CC base helps to conceal pores, skin redness and yellowness, to create a translucent, pink-nuanced tone.

Anna Sui Spring 2015

Anna Sui will release the following new products on 4 January in Japan:

1. Curl & Volume Mascara (3000yen, 5g): Contains 'volume up powder' and 'volume up smooth polymer'. Waterproof and sebum/sweat-resistant.

2. Length & Separation Mascara (3000yen, 5g): Film-type mascara that can be removed with just warm water. Contains both hard and soft fibers for lengthening. Sweat and sebum-resistant.

3. Mascara Primer & Top Coat (2500yen, 5g): Waterproof, sebum and sweat-resistant mascara primer and top coat with a small screw brush for ease in reaching the lash roots. Helps to keep the lashes curled all day.

4. Nail Color N: 5 new shades (1400yen, 8ml)

Addiction Glow Powder Foundation Pure

Addiction will introduce a new Glow Powder Foundation Pure SPF22 PA++ (3500yen for refill; 2000yen for case) on 13 February in Japan. Available in 5 shades, it's designed to glide onto skin and provides long-lasting coverage of pores and imperfections. There will also be a matching pearl-infused Primer Glow Pure (30g, 3800yen).

Guerlain Spring 2015 Les Tendres

Here are the official visuals for Guerlain's Spring 2015 collection, which will launch on 16 January in Japan.

Meteorites Baby Glow Light Revealing Sheer Makeup SPF25 PA++ (6300yen, available in 3 shades #2 Clair, #3 Beige and #4 Doré)

Meteorites Compact #2, #3 and #4 (7400yen)

Meteorites Perles de Blush Angelic Radiance (6600yen)

Ecrin 4 Couleurs #18 (limited edition) and #504 Les Precieux (7700yen)

Kiss Kiss lipstick #540 Peach Satine and #560 Rosy Silk (4200yen)

Cils D'enfer in navy (4100yen)

La Laque Couleur #368 Baby Rose (2900yen)

Za withdraws from Japan

WWD Japan reports that Za will be pulled from the Japanese market in end-March 2015. Za was only launched in Japan in September 2012 and is currently available in 377 locations. The brand will continue to focus on its other 13 Asian markets including China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. My guess is that the brand's plain packaging was just not attractive or unique enough to stand out in the ultra-competitive Japanese market.

Addiction Tokyo Mon Amour Compacts

Here are the official visuals of the Addiction Tokyo Mon Amour limited edition eyeshadow duo compacts (featuring re-promoted shades) that will be released on 19 December in Japan.

Tokyo Jazz II (extreme right in pic below): Includes Concrete Jungle and Baghdad Cafe

Tokyo Mon Amour: Includes Singita and Mystic Mirage

Tokyo Story: Includes Moroccan Rose and Dizzy Love